Events Calendar

Active-Faith provides different growth opportunities for the body of Christ. Each is unique and can be tailored to fit the needs of your church, organization, or group.

Spiritual Warfare Seminars – These seminars give an introduction to spiritual warfare, teach the position of authority we have in the Scripture, and utilize real-life success stories to encourage attendees to apply the Word of God to their life for authority against the enemy. These seminars can be taught in a weekend or spread out over several days/nights.

Speaking Engagements – Many calendar events are unique speaking engagements.

Inner Healing Workshops  – Inner healing workshops are intense 8-hour workshops that help participants understand that we have wounds on our soul. Participants are given the scriptural foundations for the soul, how it is wounded, and how to heal from those wounds. These workshops can be completed in a weekend, or over several weeks dependent upon the needs of the group.

No Agenda Weekends – No Agenda Weekend is a 3-day intensive opportunity to learn how to seek the presence of the Lord, dwell in the presence of the Lord, and benefit from being with the Lord without distractions and without agendas. This weekend includes a little teaching, a little coaching, but mostly time to see the Father out to get to know Him better.



El Buen Samaritano de Winterhaven – Steve

May 21-23, 2023 

Winterhaven, FL

Great Bridge Church of Christ – Steve

May 28-29, 2023 

Chesapeake, VA

Muscatine Church of Christ – Steve

September 24-27, 2023 

Muscatine, Iowa