Our Mission

 To EDUCATE people on the POWER of the Word of God
To UNVEIL the Spiritual WEAPONS from God
To give HOPE to the PEOPLE of God
All to the GLORY of God.


About Our Ministry Team

Providing education, training and support about Heaven and Spiritual Warfare around the globe.

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It all started when…

Steve Hemphill was born & raised in a small town in central Texas, Mason.  He attended Abilene Christian University from 1975 to 1979, graduating thank the Lordy with a Marketing Degree.  He put that talent to work when he established and ran his own technology company in the Northeast Texas area for almost 28 years. 

He built that business to 35 employees and $6 million in annual revenue before becoming the author of a book on heaven, My Search for the Real Heaven.  This book was the direct result of Steve finding a sealed envelope addressed to him in his father’s safe after his dad passed away.  It instructed Steve to destroy the sealed envelope without opening it.

After the release of My Search for the Real Heaven, Steve began to get speaking invitations all over the country from churches who wanted to use his book and his presentations on heaven for a community outreach. 

This led to a second book, My Search for Prayers Satan Hates, focused on spiritual warfare and the power of prayer, and a third book , What Are The Stakes?, which reveals the testimonies and power of staking the word of God on your property. Steve also has a lecture series on these books called, “Demons vs. Prayer,” or simply, “Spiritual Warfare.”

Steve sold his business in 2009, and has spoken in 300 cities in 26 states and 3 countries since becoming an author and inspirational speaker. To date, he has never received a salary and he has never charged a fee to travel and speak. 

He has a passion for ministry and people, and loves to share his “God Stories.”

We might think we’re fighting against a flesh-and-blood enemy, but we’re not. We are battling against evil forces not visible in this four-dimensional world (length, width, depth, and time). We are fighting an unseen, powerful enemy: evil spirits living in a dimension where they can see us and work against us, but we can’t yet see them. Keep that in mind.

My prayer is to teach people about spiritual warfare, heaven and the power of prayer as it is taught in the scriptures. I hope you find this site as a great resource as you learn and grow deeper in God’s Word.

 Love you, Steve Hemphill


Steve Hemphill

Speaker – Author – Spiritual Warrior

My prayer is to teach people about spiritual warfare, heaven and the power of prayer as it teaches in the scriptures. I hope you find this site as a great resource as you learn and grow deeper in God’s Word.

Charli Caraway

Dr. Charli Caraway

Charli Caraway is a writer, editor, speaker, leader, life coach and change agent. As a coast-to-coast coach and teacher, she loves to ‘keep it real’ with humor in leadership and personal development which has gained her the recognition of being a ‘velvet hammer’.

With a BA in Communications and Technical Documentation, MA’s in Secondary Education and Educational Administration, and an EdD in Educational Leadership, Charli has a range of experience to make every professional endeavor valuable and fun. Her resumé spans small business, corporate leadership, public and private education, university teaching and administration, and non-profit development.

She jumped right into trailblazing in the 90’s writing an instructional manual for NASA that went up on the space shuttle, helped lead a team in the standardization of division documentation at Compaq Computer Corporation, and helped pioneer the first online help files for two leading technology corporations. 

In 2007, Charli continued trailblazing by contributing to the digital progression of data collection in the field of phenomenological research and learned a second language in order to conduct her doctoral research.

In 2008, Charli was moving up the proverbial “success ladder” as a professor and director at a leading university when God called her into full-time ministry.

Using her professional and personal life experiences, she became an advocate and liaison for women and children in crisis. Her passion is incorporating the Word of God into everyday life. Her vision is to equip the world to do the same. She is a modern-day Jael ready to stand against the enemy for God’s people, and a fervent prayer warrior for the Kingdom of God.

Affectionately known as “Dr. Charli”, you will always find her empowering people. She has given her time to many community organizations which includes serving the homeless and impoverished communities, broken families, and the elderly. She’s even served as an official Wish Granter for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Currently, she serves as the Executive Director of Active-Faith and is very devoted as a prayer intercessor at her church.

She and her husband live in East Texas. They have four adult children and two beautiful dogs. When they aren’t working, they love to travel, go camping, and indulge in back-road exploration.