My Search for Prayers Satan Hates


Are evil spirits real? Do we really have invisible enemies? Do unseen beings affect the visible world? Satan tries to convince people he doesn’t exist, but he does. Steve Hemphill’s powerful new book provides inspirational insight into one of the most powerful weapon in this cosmic conflict: prayer. He gives us the courage to fight back, putting Satan on notice. He reveals shocking subtleties about the enemy.

This book is informative, inspirational, and instructional in strategies that help advance God’s kingdom while protecting yourself. This Scriptural journey examines how a believer can overcome the forces of darkness through prayer and the power of God’s word. Marvel at the way Steve has seen God work to overthrow strongholds and change lives. Learn about his personal experiences and enjoy the testimony of others. Steve dissects the Scriptures with amazing focus, and offers prayers to remedy the pains of life that are presently haunting you.