Statement Stickers


These Statement Stickers provide specific declarations that draw a line in the sand with the enemy. You can use them for additional protection in hard to reach places, or place then in areas that easily hidden from view. Each page has five identical stickers. These stickers are 3/4 of an inch x 6 inches, and can go anywhere. They can go on the flat side of the stakes, doorframes to bedrooms, windows, offices, vehicles, under tables, under laptops, etc.

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No Abortion, No Addiction, No Anger, No Anxiety, No Critical Spirit, No Death, No Deceptive, No Depression, No Disease, No Divisive Spirit, No Divorce, No False Teaching, No Fear, No Gluttony, No Gossip, No Greedy, No Hateful, No Homosexual, No Idolatry, No Jealous, No Lazy, No Lustful, No Lying, No Manipulating, No Perverted, No Poverty, No Prideful, No Rebellious, No Religious Spirit, No Sexual Sin, No Slander, No Suicide, No Witchcraft