What Are The Stakes, 3rd Ed.


Steve’s journey learning about spiritual warfare got serious when a non-Christian man came to him with a problem: he said he had demons on his property. Steve didn’t know how to respond, so he silently prayed as the man talked. After the quick prayer, Steve had a strange verse pop into his head from Deuteronomy 6 that instructed God’s people to put Scripture on their gates and doorposts. So Steve & this non-Christian man who was desperate for help put Bible verses on ordinary tent stakes. Then they placed these stakes in the ground on the corners of this man’s property, read the verses out loud, and prayed for God’s protection. Everything changed. The man confessed Jesus as Lord, was baptized, and is now living faithfully in peace and safety as a Christian. Others heard about this event and copied this idea, and Spiritual Warfare Stakes were born.

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