Shadow Warrior – a new TV series in the works.

shadow warrior

There are so many people who don’t understand the true power of God’s word. For Steve Hemphill, it was an act of faith when he put scriptures on tent stakes to help a man experiencing evil, supernatural activity at his business. They drove the stakes in ground at the corners of the property and the evil the business owner was experiencing disappeared.

That led to more “stakings” and now there are stakes in the ground in every US State and 13 other countries. The stories are astounding….the power of God’s word being applied at homes, businesses, churches, entire cities, abortion clinics, prisons, car wrecks, and more! Crime is diminishing, racial disunity is ending, marriages are reconciling, and rebellious children are finding their way back to Jesus.

There are so many stories that a TV series called Shadow Warrior is in the works. The pilot has been written and producers are waiting for funding to get started! There is a plan for 8-10 episodes per season and this is your opportunity to get the pilot going. Let’s get these encouraging stories out to the world!